Hi, I'm Pat(ch).
I'm a product designer living in San Francisco, CA.

Recent Work

The team at Librarian.ai has developed technology that helps users find the documents they need. I was asked to understand this technology and design an experience that "felt like an expert is in the room".
skills: UX/UI design, rapid prototyping, product design
Our Story
Our Story was designed and developed to give a voice to local activist in an attempt to improve police - community relations.
skills: ui / ux design, need finding, rapid prototyping, app development
Travel App
After our need finding investigation, we presented our client with design imperatives, metaphors, and insights to guide their development process. The Travel App is a manifestation of these insights.
skills: needfinding, ux / ui design
Engage +
The Engage + app was designed to help prescription customers better manage and buy their medicaitions. It was successfully sold to Envision RX.
skills: project management, ux design, android / iOS
Future of Wearables
A one year design research project sponsonred by Samsung to figure out the future of the human-wearable relation.
skills: design research, rapid prototyping
For Real Food
For Real Foods was a year long design deep dive investigating how people interact with our food system. It resulted in the selling, packaging, and shipping of our final product.
skills: design leadership, need finding, rapid prototyping, product design

About Me

Hi, I’m Pat. But my family calls me Patch. It’s a long story with many people claiming to know the origin of the nickname, but the details are lost with time.

I’m a product designer and a recent graduate from Stanford’s masters program in design. It was an amazing two year deep dive in design thinking methodology where I learned from some of the best designers in the world. I was fortunate enough to work closely with David Kelley, Bill Burnett, Michael Barry, Barry Katz, and Stuart Kendall. My recent work includes ui / ux design, design research, rapid prototyping, project management, and design thinking.

I love design because I love people. I love working in the trenches with my users, getting to know their worlds, and coming up with creative solutions to solve their various problems. Design is the way I understand the world and it gives me an opportunity to impact it.